Annual Support & Maintenance

As a registered customer you may purchase an annual support contract from WorldViz which offers access to our priority email service and our private customer online forum.

Annual contracts are available for the following products:

Vizard VR Toolkit
Precision Position Tracker PPT
Live Characters
Custom Applications


What's the value of a support contract? We believe that customers greatly benefit from having access to technical support. Support is like insurance. Although you can live happily without it for years, there comes a time when support becomes critically important. If you use a product and you encounter difficulties down the road, it might take some time before you figure out what the problem is. You can minimize lost time by having experienced WorldViz Support Engineers help you solve your problem during extended business hours.

Can I wait for an emergency and then buy WorldViz support contracts? Yes you can. However, since we cannot begin work on your problem until the contract is signed and your Support Contract is set up, we recommend that you purchase your support contract as soon as possible. It is certainly useful to have a contract set-up ahead of time.

Besides emergencies, can technical support really help me? Yes. We can help in many ways. When you purchase a support contract, you receive individualized responses to your particular questions. Your questions can even include asking our experts for consulting advice to help you tackle problems you're encountering. Time is money: have WorldViz help you solve your problems. An inexpensive support contract can end up saving you a small fortune.

Why does WorldViz Support have such a reputation for good service? Over the years, WorldViz has developed a world-class support infrastructure and trained an outstanding technical support staff to provide support to a variety of customers all over the world. WorldViz offers one-on-one communication with highly qualified technicians, the majority of whom have extensive experience using our tools from the perspective of demanding customer applications. Our services via email and private forum are conducted in a highly professional and timely manner to ensure your technical questions are answered promptly.


For qualifying products, the Annual Support cost is a small percentage of the product list price as of the date the support contract is purchased. See WorldViz Product Price List for details. Customers who renew their contracts prior to expiration will enjoy contract renewal prices based on their original product list price rather than current pricing.


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