상업용 초음속 제트 비행기 출현

Client: Aerion Corporation

Application: Aerion사의 컨셉트 제트 비행기 홍보를 위해 제작된 방송용 수준의 비디오.


Aerion 사는 제품 판촉을 위하여, 방송용 수준의 비디오 영화를 신속하게 제작할 것을 WorldViz사에 의뢰 했다. WorldViz사는 강력한 뛰어난 시각화를 빠른 시간 안에 구현하기 위해서, 쾌속 조형(rapid-prototyping) 방법을 적용하고 그 전문 기술을 3차원 가상현실로 추진하였다.


관례는 Aerion사의 비즈니스 계획의 일부가 아니다. 실용적이며 경제적인 초음속 상업용 비행기가 현재는 주류 항공기이다. 그래서, 초음속 및 아음속 속도에 뛰어날 수 있는 제트기를 설계할 시기가 왔을 때, Aerion사는 천연의 박판 유동 날개를 발명하였다. 우수한 3차원 시각화를 신속히 생성할 시기가 왔을 때, Aerion사는 창의와 유연성으로 잘 알려진 자유로운 회사, WorldViz사에 도움을 청했다.


Aerion사와 함께 일하면서, WorldViz사는 판촉용 비디오에서 필요한 결정적인 특징들을 확인한 다음, Vizard 3.0에서 직접 생성된 일련의 3D 렌더링 장면, 즉, 비행 중에 비행기의 디자인을 시연하는 장면 들을 제공하였다. 그 당시, Aerion사 마케팅 팀과 협력으로 발상된 비디오 기본 개념이다. WorldViz는 CAD 데이터로부터 실시간과 호환되는 3D 모델을 생성하였으며, 그 전문 기술을 최종적으로 방송용 수준의 비디오를 제작하기 위한 렌더링 방법으로 사용하였다.


WorldViz: “What service has WorldViz provided for you so far, and do you see it as a cost effective investment?”
Aerion: “WorldViz has created a VR model of the Aerion SSBJ supersonic business jet, and used that to generate several scenes of flight animation which Aerion is currently using to make a promotional/informational video. They have made our model take-off and fly through clouds with just the right amount of realism. So far it has been very cost effective for us. WorldViz literally has opened our eyes to the possibilities of Virtual Reality in developing our aircraft. We see a potential for ergonomic studies of our cockpit environment. The ability to walk around our cabin and experience first hand the layout size and comfort are a big plus."

WorldViz: “Do you see VR as an economic alternative to life-size mockups for display purposes at aircraft related sales events and tradeshows?”
Aerion: "Yes, but as yet we haven't used VR for this purpose. Building full size mockups with full interiors can be a multi-million dollar endeavor. The ability to see your creation in full size 3D with color and texture at a fraction of the cost is definitely a plus. Using today's CAD systems is a great way to get a feel for what you're designing but does not give you neither the level of detail nor the appreciation of scale that VR offers."

WorldViz: “Are you planning on continuing your relationship with WorldViz?”
Aerion: "Yes - definitely. We will continue to use WorldViz as a resource in enhancing our designs and promoting it to our potential customers."

WorldViz: “As far as you are aware, are you a first mover in the realm of VR assisted design showcasing in the Aerospace industry?“
Aerion: "Yes, I am not aware of any prior use of VR showcasing in our industry. Other manufactures may have used VR to explore their products but the level of detail and computer power in the past has not been satisfactory. We are confident that a combination of WorldViz technical expertise and their software are just the right blend for any business to take advantage of VR."

WorldViz: “What is it that Aerion does in the Aerospace industry?”
Aerion: "Aerion Corporation is committed to bringing back supersonic flight to a segment of aviation that will benefit the most from its time saving advantage. That segment is business aviation. While commercial supersonic flight was not cost effective for the general population, it was extensively used by business travelers. Aerion is currently in the advanced design phase of development for an aircraft that will transport up to twelve people at speeds of up to Mach 1.6 and a range exceeding 4000 nautical miles."

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