Example configuration for a full 24 channel setup. Inquire with WorldViz to plan a customized setup.

WorldViz Ambisonic Auralizer System
Add an ultra-realistic real-time sound experience to a CAVE or an HMD walking setup!

The WorldViz Ambisonic Auralizer System is a computer controlled 24 Channel ultra-realistic spatialized Surround Sound System with integrated low-frequency effects (subwoofers and floorshakers). It creates higher order ambisonic sound spatialization including audio wavefronts with simulated delays, filtering and Doppler shift and generates radiation patterns and reverberation for individual audio sources. It greatly enhances the immersive VR experience and is controlled by our 3D VR toolkit Vizard. Low frequency floorshakers provide tactile feedback for realistic VR environments.

The complete system consists of:
22 speakers
1 subwoofer
4 floorshakers (incl. amplifier)
2 external audio interfaces
Control computer
Ambisonic Auralizer Sound software
(controlled by Vizard or stand alone)
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